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  • Quality

    We have made it our goal to offer our customers the highest possible quality. We therefore roast only 100% Arabica beans. They are roasted gently and slowly, thus retaining the sweetness of the coffee cherry
  • Direct Trade

    We source our raw beans from selected coffee plantations. The direct trade with the coffee farmers, allows us to ensure the quality standard for our coffee beans and to provide fair conditions in the coffee countries.
  • Designed for community

    Having a cup of coffee is a ritual of being mindful and present with yourself or others. That's why we created a place that is unique and minimalist in design to bring people together.
  • Minimal Basics

  • 10 Fragen an Gründer Armin

    10 questions for founder Armin

    Armin, our co-founder of iaro, tells us how he went from coffee to his own café. He took the time to tell us what he particularly values at iaro and what is the recipe of the unique atmosphere that iaro offers.

  • We are open!

    We are open!

    The new iaro Ost was opened on Friday 27 October. Located at Karl-Wilhelm-Platz in Rintheimer Straße 1, the new meeting point for the colourful mix of people in the Oststadt district.

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