specialty coffee
Sophienstraße 108
76135 Karlsruhe


Opening hours:
Mo — Fr: 8 — 17
Sa — So: 9 — 17

Coffee as an experience

In the heart of Karlsruhe's Weststadt, iaro lives the love of coffee culture. In our café, we invite you to encounter each cup consciously: with slowness, curiosity and enjoyment. For us, coffee is not a drink, but an experience.

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Specialty Coffee

We brew only Specialty Coffee - hand-harvested coffee cherries that are carefully prepared, light roasted and fairly traded. Coffee is a fruit that can form over 1000 different flavors. At iaro we open the doors to this special world with changing house blends.

Comfort Food

In addition to coffee specialties, iaro offers a seasonal selection of freshly prepared pâtisserie - sweet or savory, to stay or to go. Whether it's breakfast, brunch, or a snack, you'll find fine vegan and vegetarian soul foods from our own or local production.

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Allergene (A)

A1 Gluten (Weizen)
A2 Gluten (Dinkel)
A3 Gluten (Hafer)
B Eier
C Laktose
D1 Mandeln
D2 Walnüsse
F Soja