About iaro

How the iaro in Weststadt was created during the Corona lockdown.

The iaro is a specialty café and roastery in Karlsruhe. In 2020, in the middle of the corona pandemic, the founding team used the momentum and opened what was then a pure take-away café on Sophienstraße. When people's need for variety was greater than ever during the lockdown, the iaro in Weststadt was the first port of call for hand-roasted specialty coffee and handmade baked goods. Always with the maxim of making quality without compromise with a focus on high-quality coffee, the iaro is constantly growing and, in addition to the take-away offer, today invites you to relax in an indoor and outdoor area with various seating options.


Where we are
In Weststadt, iaro is a place for everyone who appreciates outstanding coffee and baked goods.

As a café that invites you to slow down, the iaro has developed a timeless concept with unique lighting systems from the manufacturer NYTA. The bright room, characterized by the window facade and the shapely lights by NYTA, is intended to create an atmosphere for encounters and interactions in the iaro. With simple shapes and colors and the minimalist interior, space is created for conversation and the guest is inspired to enjoy the coffee variations or baked goods.


Why we do this
Sharing the common passion for high-quality coffee.

The iaro is constantly working on further developing its products and creating new goods. During this process, the focus is on the quality of the changing offer from the bakery and the coffee variations. In order to continue to meet this demand for our quality, it is important for us as a team to be convinced of our products. We are united by our passion for specialty coffee. The iaro rethinks coffee enjoyment and would like to remain a point of contact for coffee lovers.