Coffee deserves love!

Coffee is culture

The most beautiful encounters and the best ideas are born over a cup of coffee. Coffee connects - and this is exactly the idea we want to live at iaro. In the middle of Karlsruhe, our café is a place for inspiration and exchange. On our culture blog, we report not only on interesting facts about coffee, but also on everything that we encounter, move and inspire us culturally in everyday life.

Coffee de luxe.

Kaffee de luxe!

Coffee de luxe.
Why the new coffee culture also needs a different appreciation.

Awakener. Elixir of life. A hug in a mug. Coffee has many names and is still considered a valuable commodity. But do we know how to really appreciate it? This is a question we are consciously asking ourselves at the present time. Because climate change and the Corona pandemic are not only changing the way we live and work, but also the culture of coffee. What this does to our minds and our palates - read here.


Let’s talk about specialty coffee & great curiosity.

We are talking to Arno Auer from Wood Grouse Coffee Roasters about his love for the roasting craft. He tells us how to go from being an artist to becoming a roaster, how to turn your second leg into your first - and: how to feed your curiosity until it grows into real passion. Arno tells us about the most beautiful cafés in the world and the best coffees of his life. A conversation between white grapes, dark berries, cherries and chocolate.